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We are a 501 c 3 Native non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.


It is the generous support of foundations, organizations, businesses and individuals that allow us to serve Mother Earth and Her Daughters and Sons.


Checks made payable to Phoenixfire can be mailed to:

PO Box 409
Hays, MT 59527



We offer retreats, special activities and Sacred Journeys.


Please check our Events page for what's happening and feel inside for where you can come to receive or share wisdom with those who gather.......

Sometimes we simply need extra hands and hearts to complete our work!


Thanks to Khalid El Assad and Paha' Saw sawn for your faith and support and many hours of time to help Phoenixfire realize the vision!


Please contact us if you feel there is a way you may be free to contribute your time or talents!

As a growing non-profit organization, there are various items that can help us to best serve others and fulfill our mission.  Here are a few items we currently need for our upcoming retreat:



1.    Food Donation

2.    Gas Donation

3.    Someone with a Boat to take us into Flathead Lake (Wild horse Island)

4.    Lodging Donation

5.    Firewood Delivered for Preparation Women's Sweatlodge

6.    2 Vehicle Donation Usage

7.    Giveways for Guest Speakers, Guests and Participants

8.    Marketing Material for good Public Relations for Fort Belknap 

9.    Assistance with Getting Publicity and Press Releases, Copies of Posters and Press Release

10.  Host Lunch or Dinner for 16 Women for 2 Travel Days 

11.  Host Dinner for "Flames Are Gathering Dinner" for 16-30 Women, guest speakers, guests & participants etc.

12.  Pay Expenses for Inspirational Guest Speaker to come and share her wisdom of traditions, wellness, storytelling etc...


Donations are needed by September 2, 2014.  We thank you for your contributions, donations, good energy, prayers and support. A’ho!



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Thank You's!

We thank Linda and Eric Jubb, Corrine Mechance and Al Chandler for their donations and we thank Women’s Gathering/Star Sisters & Brothers for their help in building the Staff of Life for world peace. A’ho!


In the fall of 2013, Phoenixfire was given our Federal 501c3 status.  We would like to thank Hopa Mountain for all of their help and support and especially Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer for her never-ending positive reinforcement and support. A’ho!


Phoenixfire has received a second year grant from PRBB Foundation to continue our journeys and mission – thank you PRBB Foundation.  We especially thank Louise Davis for her unwavering support and encouragement.  A’ho!