Phoenixfire is a Native initiated grassroots non-profit organization with no political or religious format.

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Women's Gathering Wellness Retreat

September 5-8, 2014  

Journey:  Fort Belknap Reservation to Flathead Lake

We can accommodate 1-16 participants


To make our retreat a success we would like our Community, Friends and Family (All Our Relatives) to fully participate by joining us on 

Saturday, September 5-8, 2014,

3 pm "Flames Are Gathering Potluck"

21649 Montana Highway 35

Bigfork, Montana and support us by donating gas, food etc. for our journey.


(We can only go on our Retreat if everyone supports us collectively.  We are working hard selling baskets etc. raising money for our Retreat and making giveaways for everyone participating.)   


Here is our short itinerary: 



Journey-  Fort Belknap Reservation to Glacier International Peace Park &  Flathead Lake  



“Flames Are Gathering Potluck”  3 pm - Moon Rises 

¤ Talking Circle 

¤ Storytelling 

¤ Reclaim & Nurture our Sacred Feminine 

¤ Intergenerational Mentorship 

¤ Phoenixfire’s Goals & Action Plan

¤ Sacred Sites 

¤ Sparking Environmental Changemakers & Peacemakers 

¤ Traditional Values & Be a Voice for Mother Earth 


Special Guests: 

Louise Davis, Board Chair & Jeanette Hagen, Trustee PRBB Foundation 


Donna Chimera- Author, Bodyworker, President- WolfStar Productions,


Gail Whiteman- MSU Extension Program “Evaluation Process” 


More Special Guests TBA 



Journey-  Wild Horse Island Flathead Lake “Reclaim & Nuture our Sacred Feminine in the Womb of the Mother”



Journey-  Ewam Garden 1000 Buddha’s, World Peace Tibetan medicine wheel & home to Fort Belknap Reservation


Our Needs List and Ways you can participate to get the good word out about Fort Belknap 


1.    Food Donation

2.    Gas Donation

3.    Someone with a Boat to take us into Flathead Lake (Wild horse Island)

4.    Lodging Donation

5.    Firewood Delivered for Preparation Women's Sweatlodge

6.    2 Vehicle Donation Usage

7.    Giveways for Guest Speakers, Guests and Participants

8.    Marketing Material for good Public Relations for Fort Belknap 

9.    Assistance with Getting Publicity and Press Releases, Copies of Posters and Press Release

10.  Host Lunch or Dinner for 16 Women for 2 Travel Days 

11.  Host Dinner for "Flames Are Gathering Dinner" for 16-30 Women, guest speakers, guests & participants etc.

12.  Pay Expenses for Inspirational Guest Speaker to come and share her wisdom of traditions, wellness, storytelling etc...


Donations are needed by September 2, 2014.  We thank you for your contributions, donations, good energy, prayers and support. A’ho!  




Monday Gatherings
6:00 pm
Bring Snack for Potluck 
Womens Gatherings

Women’s Gathering serves as Phoenixfire’s Advisors.

"We are Women Gathering to Share Our Wisdom and our Prayers Are Always With You A'ho."

6:00 Potluck

Catcher Cuts the Rope

Hays, MT

"We are the Ones we have been waiting for..."


Earth Day Gathering
Environmental Changemakers
Aaniiih and Nakoda Peoples
April 22 , 2014
with a visible breath, I am walking; 
I am walking toward a buffalo nation,
and my voice is loud.
with a visible breath, I am walking; 
I am walking toward this sacred object. 

-White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptesan Winyan)