Phoenixfire journeys

2013 Summer Solstice Sacred Journey- We went on a call to the four corners of the earth, to honor the Western part of Turtle Island to ignite the pure love of the universe and to usher in a smooth transition into the New Cycle.  We journeyed to Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California & Nevada to seven sacred sites such as Flathead Lake, Montana, Crater Lake, Mount Shasta, Redwoods forest, Pacific Ocean, and we made it to the largest living beings on the planet, the Sequoia Trees exactly on the summer solstice. Coming full circle we started out in Lodgepole Montana and wound up in Lodgepole, Sequoia National Park. 


We ended the sacred journey by completing one last sunrise honoring at the National Congress of the American Indian(NCAI) in Reno, Nevada.  At NCAI, we submitted a resolution of support for Phoenixfire’s goals and will forever be in NCAI’s historical archives.  We gained great perspective on the importance of Phoenixfire’s grassroots movement and we are grateful to be instruments in the Creator's hands of bringing awareness of taking care of the Mother Earth and all of her abundance and laying a spiritual foundation for the healing and unity of all peoples and all living beings for generations to come.  

Sacred Journeys



It is our intention to coordinate and Host Sacred Journeys out to the Four Directions on each continent for World Peace.


As our energy work continues to spiral out and the Biosphere of Mother Earth In Balance is on the horizon “May the Phoenixfire burn in your hearts for rejuvenation and rebirth and may the White Buffalo give you strength as we all move forward in the New Cycle.  



Family- expect miracles, upon miracles, upon miracles and we send you blessings of all encompassing Whirling Rainbow Love.

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